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Ortho-Tain® was developed by an orthodontist and assistant professor of orthodontic growth and development at Northwestern University. His focus is on the skeletal and dental relationships of the head, used by orthodontists to plan treatment and determine proper development. For patients as young as age 5, Ortho-Tain® offers a preventative solution for straightening their teeth and removing the need for fixed treatment later in life. Ortho-Tain® also offers adult appliances proven to correct much more than just cosmetic flaws in a minimal amount of time and at a fraction of the cost.

Most people do not consider orthodontic treatment for their kids until they are adolescents. However, early orthodontic treatment, between ages 5 and 7, has been shown to easily and effectively prevent future, more painful orthodontic problems. Interceptive orthodontic treatment allows your child to avoid discomfort and embarrassment because of traditional braces. Clinical studies show that early childhood orthodontic treatment greatly reduces the need for fixed orthodontic treatment or TMJ therapy later in life.

Ortho-Tain isn’t just for kids – it is an effective treatment for adults as well, fixing more than just cosmetic concerns quickly and affordably. Unlike other invisible braces, Ortho-Tain can correct a significant overbite, crowding, rotations, spacing and most TMJ problems. Most patients see results in 12 months, some in as few as a single month of treatment. Ortho-Tain works with your body’s natural forces through easy daily exercises and nighttime wear.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorders affect millions of people each year who often seek prescription pain relievers, muscle relaxers or surgery to relieve symptoms. Often characterized by chronic pain in the jaw or neck, popping of the jaw joints, frequent headaches or teeth grinding, TMJ disorders can contribute to serious dental and medical concerns. Ortho-Tain can help correct alignment problems that cause these painful symptoms.

From the makers of Ortho-Tain, comes Snore-Cure®, relieve to you and those around you for snoring and sleep apnea. This anti-snoring device eliminates the sounds and vibrations caused by snoring, allowing you to sleep more soundly and awake feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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