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Dental Concerns

Virginia Beach dentists Shiflet, Cox & Morgan offer a wide range of services – from family, general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Shiflet, Cox & Morgan also specialize in dental health concerns. If you are experiencing any of the conditions below, schedule a consultation today to find the best and easiest possible treatment.

Frequent Headaches
If you experience constant headaches or neck pain, particularly occurring when you wake up in the morning, you could have a misaligned bite or a Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD), commonly referred to as TMJ. Shiflet, Cox & Morgan are offer several treatment options for TMJ. Learn more

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Millions of Americans snore or experience sleep apnea. Although many don’t realize they snore, their partners definitely do. A visit to Shiflet, Cox & Morgan can eliminate snoring and provide a good night sleep for everyone. Learn more

Bleeding Gums
Bleeding or sore gums when you brush or floss your teeth is a sign of gingivitis or periodontal (gum) disease. If you catch the disease early, it is easy to treat and even reverse. Shiflet, Cox & Morgan treats bleeding gums, gingivitis and gum disease through a range of treatment options. Learn more


Most Americans experience cavities, also known as tooth decay, at some point in their life. Filling cavities is a simple procedure that Shiflet, Cox & Morgan can treat in one visit. Learn more

Teeth Grinding

Millions of Americans grind their teeth, many without even realizing. Also known as Bruxism, teeth grinding can cause tooth degradation, TMJ, and other tooth and jaw problems. Shiflet, Cox & Morgan can diagnose the cause of Bruxism and recommend treatment options. Learn more

Crooked Teeth
Crooked teeth, besides being aesthetically displeasing, can also cause other dental health issues. Many adults wish to fix crooked teeth but don’t want to wear braces. Shiflet, Cox & Morgan offer a range of options to straighten teeth and fix misaligned bites other than metal braces. Learn more

Discolored Teeth
Over the past two decades, teeth whitening/bleaching has become one of the most popular dental treatments. Everyone experiences discoloration, yellow, or stained teeth from everyday foods and beverages. There are many over the counter teeth whitening kits, but the best way to whiten your teeth is through professional treatments. Shiflet, Cox & Morgan offers a variety of options for teeth whitening, including Zoom Whitening. Learn more